Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action Greenlit by Netflix

Netflix recently announced a live-action adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi‘s famous manga, Yu Yu Hakusho. Known as Poltergeist Report in the West and locally as Ghost Fighter, the show tackles the life (and death) of Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent who turns into a spirit detective.

There are not many details around the production yet. Although, it is said to be produced by Netflix contents acquisition director Kazutaka Sakamoto and ROBOT‘s Akira Morii.

We have already gotten a preview of how the live-action will look because, in 2019, a stage play based on the manga/anime series ran in Japan, with a sequel play coming out this month. The cast showcases talent from various anime stage play adaptions, as follows:

  • Yusuke Urameshi – Tsubasa Sakiyama (Touken Ranbu)
  • Kazuma Kuwabara – Naoya Gomoto (Eyeshield 21)
  • Kurama/Shuichi MinaminoHiroki Suzuki (Kamen Rider Decade)
  • Hiei – Shouhei Hashimoto (Yowamushi Pedal)
I’m okay with this!

If this is what the Netflix adaptation will look like, then the future of the series looks bright. A lot of fans have been wary because of Netflix‘ treatment of anime live-action adaptations in the past, such as in the case of Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note, as well as the West’s treatment of Japanese anime renditions. (Does Dragonball Evolution ring a bell?)

In this case, we will watch closely as the story develops.