Where Is Cisco at This Coming Season Five?

Spoilers for Cisco Ramon ahead, if you haven’t caught on season four, you may want to stop reading.

Cisco was left in a bad place emotionally by the end of The Flash season four where his relationship with Gypsy ended. So it’s interesting to see what happens with Cisco by the time season 5 rolls in. I was able to gather a few insights on where Cisco courtesy of Carlos Valdes during a brief interview session during San Diego Comic Con 2018 last July.

Q: Where do we find Cisco at the start of the season?

Cisco is in pain. He’s fresh from a breakup and he’s suffering. At the beginning of season five, I don’t think he’s had time to process the breakup, so he’s being a little irresponsible. It all has to do with Gypsy [played by Jessica Camacho]. The breakup happened and all the ensuing action after that involved The Thinker. It was Thinker, Thinker, Thinker for ages, which is why Cisco didn’t have time to think about Gypsy.

Q: What does Cisco think of Gypsy now?

Do you remember the party we had end at the end of season four? Where we were all at the West’s house? That was Cisco’s first opportunity to start processing things, but at that point the only tool at his disposal was champagne. You can expect that to play a part in terms of how he processes the breakup with Gypsy. Champagne plays a big part.

Q: Will Cisco be able to move on from Gypsy?

Fans can expect a bit of a learning curve with regards to his being able to move on from the breakup with Gypsy. However, I think both Caitlin [Snow, played by Danielle Panabaker] and Ralph [Dibny, played by Hartley Sawyer] see this as an opportunity to try to help their friend. Moving on from the breakup, there are definitely some hijinks in store with regards to Cisco.

Q: Will Cisco continue to explore his powers in season five?

What can I say about the powers? I will say that Cisco’s powers will be challenged in a way that they’ve never been challenged before. They will be challenged in a very unique and perilous way.

Q: Is Cisco more comfortable with his powers now?

I think he’s definitely at a place where he’s comfortable with the powers. He’s also confident about using his powers out in the field in order to help Barry and the team, and to help save Central City in general. But I also think that he feels a certain allegiance to the Cortex. When it comes to Cisco, working with computers, working with weaponry, working with suits and working with naming the villains is the stuff that he’s really good at. Even though he’s self-aware and confident with his abilities, I think there is still a part of him that feels his comfort zone is maybe more inside himself.

Though this interview is a bit dated especially since the recent reveals it would seem that Cisco will die this coming season, so let’s see what happens when The Flash comes back on season 5 this October.