We’re Getting ROG Themed IKEA Furniture Next Year

We finally getting that Gamer IKEA furniture?

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ASUS ROG) has announced that they have partnered with furniture company IKEA and will have the gamer brand line made available in IKEA stores worldwide.

ROG and IKEA have decided to combine their world-class and complementary design expertise to create products that make gaming at home more comfortable and more fun.

Gamers globally know and love the ROG brand and they trust it to deliver the most exciting gaming innovations in the market. Our new partnership with the experts at IKEA will allow ROG to find new and interesting ways to delight gamers in and around the home.

Says Kris Huang, General Manager of the ASUS Gaming Gear and Accessory Business Unit.

The ROG x IKEA partneership will show the first designs will be available in China as early as February of next year with the collection expanding to server other markets by October of next year.

With the rapid growth of gaming market across the world and a fast growing number of people playing, IKEA is curious about how home furnishing could improve the gaming experience and life around it, by teaming up with ROG, IKEA wants to combine home furnishing knowledge with ROG’s expertise in creating exceptional gaming experiences. Together, we set out to help the many gamers, and their families, welcome gaming home through developing a new range of affordable and ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories, designed to increase performance while also blending in beautifully to homes.

Said Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspace, IKEA.

We’ll have to see what’s gonna happen next year.