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ViewSonic Releases Next-Gen Console Support for Select QHD Monitors

ViewSonic announced that they have will be rolling out solutions to help support their next-gen console gamer fans.

Mostly due to the change in hardware configurations of next-gen consoles with Sony‘s PS5 console and its lack of 1440p resolution output support as it’s main example. The brand has optimized their select QHD gaming monitors to effortlessly support 4k Signals, while automatically downscaling to QHD resolution. This means that if you can now use these select Viewsonic models for next-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 who has those earlier problems in downscaling. without the need to go through modes or even complicated software.

Here’s the list of monitors:

  • Elite XG270QC
  • Elite XG270Q
  • VX2768-2KPC-mhd
  • VX3268-2KPC-mhd
  • VX2705-2KP-mhd/VX2768-2KP-mhd
  • XG2705-2K

What that said, the brand has mentioned a continued commitment to supporting gamers worldwide.

To know more about ViewSonic, you can head here or you can follow their Facebook page and grab their products in all authorized stores, Lazada and Shopee.