Trading Card Game, Force of Will, is Getting a Movie

Trading Card Game Force of Will will be having it’s movie with the running title: Force of Will: The Movie based from a post shared by Neutral Grounds Philippines.

The upcoming movie’s promotional video is seen below from the Force of Will the Movie fanpage.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”800″ height=”450″ onlyvideo=”1″]

According to the fanpage:

We’ll publish Omnibus feature film that is including 6 episodes .
From this week, we’ll introduce its episodes and creators to you!

1st week, we introduce an episode about “Cthulhu”.

< Directer >

< Character Designer >
Tatsuyuki TANAKA

< Production >

< Introduction >
The young animation group YAMATOWORKS, represented by director Shûhei MORITA – who considers both « Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek » and other recent works, as well as « Kaikai KiKi », SF, and comics for teenagers, as absolute entertainment -, expresses thanks to 3DCG his overwhelming worldview.

With the cooperation of the character and scenery designer « Tatsuyuki TANAKA/CANNABIS WORKS », also renowned as one of the best illustrators in the world, we will restyle the myth of Cthulhu through a contemporary creation.

« My nightmares will spread around the whole world…… »

Fiction and reality seen by a young girl haunted by « Word ». An evil giant who threatens the world, extraordinary creatures, and the “word battle” of a charming girl.
Birth of an unprecedented mysterious dark fantasy.

Based from what I’ve seen in the trailer. The movie will stick to the artwork that made is trademark to Force of Will. So I’m expecting a bit of high level artwork for the movie. So far now word on the release date for the full movie is set but since the fanpage is named as @fowmovie2017 we’re expecting it to come out next year.

So I’ll be keeping an eye out on this as the news comes in.