The Greatest Showman

“This is the greatest show” a line from one of the songs in the movie, which I think pretty much summarizes what to expect.

The movie gives us a story with great character development, though it doesn’t get any points in storytelling, though it does stick to the main theme of the movie which is about contentment and acceptance.

The movie follows the life of P. T. Barnum and how his travelling circus came to be.

The performances especially Come Alive brings out the child in me. I guess it just one of the things they planned to do, and bring a sense of awe and wonder to the audience kinda like how the audiences inside the movie felt as well

The music and choreography is probably what you’ll be talking about after the movie has long been over. The music also varies from the rock music like performance at the start to the operatic song of miss Jenny, and Lind, and does great on each song making me want to sing along every time. The choreography was great and complimented the music very well, helping to convey the emotion and story that the song, I feel, was trying to convey.


This movie is definitely worth watching. Despite the very predictable story line, it makes up for it with the catchy song and dance numbers, which were spread out very well through the whole movie. I’m not sure how I feel about the romance that developed between Philip and Ann, but it was great to see the story from different perspectives.

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The Good
Catchy Songs
Choreography is a good circus re-enactment
The Bad
Predictable Storyline
Catchy Songs