SteelSeries Drops 100+ Game Audio Profiles with New Headset Header Image

SteelSeries Drops 100+ Game Audio Profiles with New Headset

SteelSeries, has expanded the Arctics Nova family with the introduction of the Arctis Nova 5 series headsets and Nova 5 Companion App.

The Arctis Nova 5 line of headsets and the Nova 5 Companion App aims to craft something with three goals in mind. Create better audio fore games on Xbox and PlayStation. Develop an accessible and premium wireless gaming headset. And a headset that allows gamers to play longer and harder.

The headset boasts to provide players access to over 100 audio presets at their fingertips, Quick Switch Wireless freedom with high-speed 2.4GHz or Bluetooth 5.3 at the tap of a button, an extraordinary 60+ Hour Battery Life, all within a ₱7,765 price tag.

Innovation is key, and we use it to unlock the power of imagination and push boundaries to provide gamers with premium audio experiences. The introduction of the Arctis Nova 5 and Companion App, with over 100 audio presets, is literally ‘game-changing’ and provides users with an epic audio advantage for console gaming.

Said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO.

Arctis Nova 5 Key Features

Here’s the complete rundown of the Arctis Nova 5 Key features which are namely:

  • The Nova 5 Companion App – Introducing a revolutionary app that features 100+ game-specific audio presets that have been meticulously crafted and custom-tailored to each game by audio engineers, esports Pros, and game developers. Gamers can change their audio presets on the fly in real-time and without leaving the game.
  • Neodymium Magnetic Drivers – Gamers can hear everything with an ultra-detailed soundscape of crystal-clear highs, pinpoint mids, and deep bass. The custom-designed Neodymium Magnetic Drivers are crafted from a rare-earth metal to ensure the perfect audio experience,
  • Quick-Switch Wireless – Easily take calls while gaming, switching from high-speed 2.4GHz to Bluetooth 5.3 with a tap of a button. Mobile connections remain on standby when players are back in the action, so they can receive calls. Keep Fortnite EQs on the 2.4GHz bandwidth without affecting specific media profiles for Bluetooth audio.
  • Cross-Platform Gaming – A compact USB-C dongle allows gamers to easily swap between all systems, supporting Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, Meta Quest, handhelds, as well as phones and tablets that support USB-C.
  • ClearCast 2.X Mic – 2X the bandwidth, 2X the clarity. SteelSeriesClearCast microphone features a new high-bandwidth chipset supporting 32KHz/16Bit audio to keep comms crystal clean and clear. Gamers can supercharge vocals even further with Sonar AI-Powered Noise Cancellation on PC for the ultimate two-way noise reduction on comms. A unique design seamlessly blends the mic into the earcup when fully retracted for on-the-go
  • 60+ Hours of Wireless Gaming – A 60-hour battery life equates to a full charge lasting 8 hours each day for 7 days in a row. A USB-C fast charging delivers another 6 hours of charge in only 15 minutes.
  • Sonar Audio Software Suite – the first pro-grade parametric EQ designed for gamers. Specifically designed to turbocharge any headset for gaming and provide a limitless ability to control sound across games, team chat, and the microphone, Sonar allows gamers to adjust every individual frequency and hear the sounds that matter the most.

The Arctis Nova 5 Series is available at at select authorized retailers in the Philippines starting at ₱7,765.