OPPO Brings Its Newest AI Phone the Reno12 Series 5G Header Image

OPPO Brings Its Newest AI Phone the Reno12 5G Series

OPPO has announced the launch of the OPPO Reno12 Series 5G in the Philippines on July 12th.

The OPPO Reno12 will come in two configurations, the OPPO Reno12 5G and OPPO Reno12 Pro 5G.

Revolutionize Your Portraits with Next-Level AI

The OPPO Reno12 Series 5G boasts a suite of exciting AI imaging features. The upgraded AI Eraser 2.0 now includes a “Remove People” function. This function allows the effortless removal of photobombers with a simple tap.

This feature builds upon the improved accuracy of the Smart Lasso and Paint Over options introduced in the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G.

The Reno12 Series 5G comes pre-installed with AI Studio, an app that lets you transform any photo into your own personalized digital avatar or profile picture. With a variety of creative filters and styles to choose from, you can unleash your inner artist and create unique self-portraits.

Unmatched Photography: Capture Every Detail

Living up to the Reno Series’ renowned reputation for exceptional photography, the OPPO Reno12 5G boasts a powerful 50MP Sony LYT-600 Sensor with All Pixel Omni-Directional PDAF and OIS for its main camera. The OPPO Reno12 Pro 5G takes things a step further with a dedicated 50MP telephoto portrait camera, ensuring you can capture stunning portraits even from a distance.

Both the 32MP front camera on the Reno12 5G and the 50MP front camera on the OPPO Reno12 Pro 5G are equipped with advanced AI Portrait capabilities, supporting autofocus and Portrait Mode. This allows you to switch between zoom levels and frame the perfect selfie or group shot, while the Natural Tone feature intelligently adjusts exposure for more realistic lighting and skin tones.

Experience Seamless Connectivity with AI LinkBoost

The OPPO Reno12 Series 5G is poised to redefine connectivity standards with AI LinkBoost, OPPO‘s next-generation proprietary communication technology. The Reno12 Series 5G features a 360º Surround Antenna solution with nine individual antennas. With this feature OPPO boasts a robust and reliable connections, even in challenging signal areas.

BeaconLink technology enhances Bluetooth uplink capabilities by 300%. Enabling clear voice calls over Bluetooth at distances of up to 200 meters in completely disconnected environments. OPPO collaborated with Smart Communications to put the Reno12 Series 5G through a series of tests. These tests covered areas with weak signal, network switching scenarios, crowded environments, and recovery situations to further test AI LinkBoost. The Reno12 Series 5G consistently outperformed competing brands in all four categories.

A Design Inspired by the Future

The phone boasts a sleek and futuristic design with a space-craft inspired metallic frame.  The Reno12 5G comes in a variety of colors including Astro Silver, Sunset Pink, and Matte Brown. Meanwhile, the Reno12 Pro 5G is available in Nebula Silver and Space Brown.

Embrace the Future of AI with OPPO!

The OPPO Reno12 Series 5G marks the dawn of a new era in AI-powered smartphones. To learn more about the OPPO Reno12 Series 5G you can visit the official OPPO Philippines website Facebook page.