Share Your Day This Coming July 25, and be Part of a Documentary by Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott

How ordinary is ordinary?

Ten years after the breakthrough film, Life in Day, Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott are back once again to invite users to share their lives this coming July 25.

This upcoming movie, titled Life in a Day 2020, this new film is encouraging people globally to film their lives and tell the story of a single day on Earth. Footage sourced from contributors will be woven together in this documentary to tell the story of an ordinary day in our time.

The movie will be set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and on YouTube next year and is also in partnership with YouTube Originals.

Once submissions close, a 30-person team of multilingual reviewers stationed around the world will begin reviewing and translating submitted videos. The film’s three principal editors – Mdhamiri Á Nkemi (Blue Story, The Last Tree), Sam Rice-Edwards (Whitney), and Nse Asuquo (The Stuart Hall Project, The Jazz Ambassadors) – will then undertake an enormous post-production effort, working alongside director Kevin Macdonald to shape the film’s final narrative out of submitted footage.

The original Life In A Day film was filmed in July 2010 to mark YouTube’s 5th birthday and brought the YouTube community together for what was one of the biggest participatory feature film projects ever made. The documentary attracted 80,000 submissions, received critical acclaim, premiered at Sundance in 2011 followed by a theatrical worldwide release, and has been watched on YouTube over 16 million times.

Making the first Life in a Day was one of the most joyful and eye-opening experiences of my life. Contributors were generous enough to share often quite intimate moments from their lives as part of a huge, life-affirming, film-making experiment, I am thrilled, ten years later, that we are making Life in a Day 2020. In that time, how have we changed? How has our relationship to filming ourselves changed? And at this extraordinary turning point in history what are we hoping for in our future?

Said Director Kevin Macdonald.

Life In A Day 2020 is directed by Kevin Macdonald with Ridley Scott and Kai Hsiung serving as executive producers, and Jack Arbuthnott and Tim Partridge as producers. This documentary is produced by RSA Films in association with Flying Object.