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Redragon Sniper Pro

The mouse is an extension of our limbs in the digital world. It comes in all shapes and sizes, literally. There are different designs for different use cases. And from there, it’s just an endless web of nomenclatures. But one subculture stands out, the gaming mouse culture. The endless search about the perfect gaming mouse that strikes the perfect balance will never end. One contender is Redragon’s Sniper Pro gaming mouse, and here’s what we think of it.


The Sniper Pro has a huge hump and a fairly short body, making it ideal for claw grip and palm grip users with small to medium-sized hands. It has a thumb-rest on the right side, making this mouse exclusively for right-handed users only.

Redragon Sniper Pro Top View

There are 9 programmable buttons, the left and right click, the mouse wheel, 3 thumb buttons, a fire button on the left corner next the left click and 2 DPI buttons. All the buttons are responsive and gives a uniform tactile feedback.

Redragon Sniper Pro Close Up

You can use the Redragon Sniper Pro wired or wireless. One feature that all wireless mice should have is the ability to use it while charging (looking at you Apple). On a single charge, the mouse can last up to 35 hours of wireless operation, and about twice that if you turn on Eco mode.

Redragon Sniper Pro Front View

The scroll wheel has an anti-skid coating and can be used with precision scrolling. The right hand side has a textured surface for extra grip. The 3 thumb buttons are easy to identify as the middle is ribbed, giving you a “home” button feel without glancing down at the mouse.

Redragon Sniper Pro Thumb Buttons


The Sniper Pro has a 16,000 DPI sensor and dual mode with 125Hz and 1000Hz option you can change on the fly. It weighs 159g, which is quite heavy, but the teflon pads underneath gives it a smooth glide on my textured mousepad. I love how the weight of the mouse gives me a more accurate aim in FPS games. Growing up in an era where there were adjustable weights for gaming mice, you can say I’m rather old school and prefer heavier mice than ultra-lightweight ones.

Redragon Sniper Pro Side View

Latency is virtually none whether you’re playing wireless, even more so when wired. Clicks register instantly and flicking the Sniper Pro quickly was not a problem.

Redragon Sniper Pro Under

The thumb buttons are easy to reach and feel with the textured center button. The left and right clicks are very responsive and gives a satisfying click. Using the scroll wheel is very easy thanks to its anti-skid surface and the DPI +/- buttons with the indicators are so convenient to use in clutch scenarios.

Redragon Sniper Pro Cable


For ₱1,750 (or ₱1,795 depending where you’re purchasing it), this is one bang for the buck gaming mouse with plenty of customization to suit your need. It may be on the heavier side so I suggest you try one first if the size and weight of the Redragon Sniper Pro fits your playstyle. Other than that, the wired/wireless mode, the 35-70 hour battery life plus the fact that you can use it while it’s charging makes the Redragon Sniper Pro a great buy.

Redragon Sniper Pro Box

You can buy the Redragon Sniper Pro either via Datablitz for ₱1,750. Or you can grab it at Game One for ₱1,795.

Redragon Sniper Pro Cover Photo
Redragon Sniper Pro
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