Rapoo C200

One of the weird tech things that happened during the arrival of COVID-19 was the shift of importance of items from people in terms of the tech/gadget we use daily. The webcam has had the most important rise in significance during this season most especially since there is more work from home employees and online classes students than ever.

That’s why Rapoo’s C200 comes in at the most opportune time. Considering the situation right now, the C200 seems like the best option for those who are looking for an affordable yet, solid webcam for their daily.

Out of the box

What you get out of the box of the C200 is the device itself, covered in a low-static pouch and the user manual. The ox contains the device in a low-static plastic pouch and the user manual. The cable is integrated into the device and you can just as easily plug it out of the box.

Camera Tech Specs Rundown

So here’s the rundown of the specs of the C200:

  • 720p Resolution
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone
  • 360º horizontal rotation

Aside from the specs above, the C200 also has a hotshoe screw where you can mount the camera on your tripod, monopod, or whatever kind of mount you have on hand.


You can pretty much use the C200 out of the box. No installation, no fuzz, no muss. The camera works well in artificial and low light situations. But the C200 does record in darker colors. So if you want to tweak the C200 recording colors and brightness, you may want to have the output go through another software. So if you want the C200 to record sharper, you will need to be in a better well-lit place.

One other thing that you have to take note of with the C200 is that the webcam displays in reverse. This means that text recorded mirrored. So if you want to natively present text and other things using just the C200, you may need to (yet again) use another software for it.

C200 In Action

You can see the Rapoo C200 in action here with me using the camera in our Collab build stream.

I used the C200 to record my building here so the setup shoes the webcam in action in a well-lit area.


Priced at ₱ 849 (at Shopee) and ₱ 810 (at Lazada) as of this post. The Rapoo C200 delivers for its price range. The webcam provides a solid 720p display resolution with a responsive auto-focus. The webcam can not only be easily placed physically on your setup, you can just install it without any problems.

Overall, Rapoo C200 is a solid purchase if you’re looking for a webcam that won’t break the bank. It delivers what you can expect from it’s price range, and the C200 won’t disappoint.

Aside from the Lazada and Shopee links above, the Rapoo C200 webcam is available at all Silicon Valley stores. And for more info, you can check this post at Rapoo’s official Facebook.

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