Predator Brings In The “Lord of Gaming” Laptop, Brandon Vera for ESGS 2017

ESGS 2017 regular, Acer Predator is again back this year and this time, their bringing in a “heftier” set of their hardware during the three day event.

Those who are looking to experience Predator Gaming laptops prior to ESGS 2017 can sink their teeth in the Predator Booth during the 3-days as the booth will feature what Predator touts as the “Lord of Gaming” laptop, the Predator 21 x gaming laptop.

Aside from the Predator 21 x, Predator will also have the Triton 700 laptop for attendees to experience as well.

Other booth activities for Predator is that appearance of Brandon Vera on the Saturday of ESGS 2017 at around 3:00 P.M. Also, it seems that Predator is also having more stuff to give away at their Facebook fanpage. So you can click here to head there.