Secret 6 Giving Away Closed Beta Key Codes for Project Xandata in ESGS 2017

For those looking forward to get their hands dirty for the Filipino/Philippines made shooter, Project Xandata. ESGS 2017 attendees will be given the chance to get Closed Beta codes for the game to be given away during the three-days.

This was announced by Senior Developer for Project Xandata and basically the one who brought the game to life, Gene Gacho from Secret 6 during the ESGS 2017 Presscon that happened yesterday at the Function Room 1, SMX Convention Center.

On top of the showcase for attendees, there is a scheduled finals competition for the first ever Project Xandata tournament which isĀ happening on Sunday, October 29, 2017. It’s interesting to see what updates will the game have especially now that we have a competition on-going for the game even before the CBT phase.

For those who haven’t had the faintest on what Project Xandata is, you can check out the trailer below.

To add more to the trailer, here’s a short feature list the game has:

  • Armor classes open paths to match your playstyle. Step into the battlefield locked and loaded as a Marksman. Become the fear that creeps in the dark as an Agent. Try taking the field in a grand show of force as a Juggernaut. Your choice, your rules.
  • A substantial arsenal lies ready at your fingertips. Dominate your enemies in a myriad of ways! Get up close and personal with the Doomstick VI Shotgun or the Battlestar. Take slow and steady long-range shots using a GWP Sniper Rifle or a Maharlika Diamond DMR. Strategically blow things up with Rocket Launchers like The Big D or The Conqueror.
  • Equip G-Mats to give yourself elemental abilities and advantages in the battlefield. Swap them out to achieve objectives differently, and work your way up past your competition. Deliver a pinpoint lightning bolt strike with the Malandoq Spear. Activate a Stormchaser to blast enemies up to the air. Smash an unsuspecting face in with a Blink Strike. Enemy getting away? Stop them with a ColdSnap grenade. The combinations lie entirely up to you!
  • Gear up, Team up! Carve your way through different game modes. Exhibit your skill in taking down enemies in Team Deathmatch. Become the very definition of Team Tactics and Efficiency in Control Point. Glory awaits those who challenge these modes and more!

You can check out the booth during ESGS 2017 or if you want to know more now, you can head to the Project Xandata fanpage and if you’re interested in knowing more about Secret 6, here’s their fanpage.