Rolls Out It’s Creator Feature for Content Creators

The game centric social media platform has announced that it’s going to roll out it’s newest feature bringing in the opportunity for content creators to use the already robust social media feature the platform is known for. Create, as the feature is tagged as is a tool for registered accounts that they can use to allow people to stream and customize their content through itself. Here’s a rundown of the features Create brings into the table.

  • 150+ Customizable Overlays
  • Support added for Player Create to Twitch, YouTube and Mixer
  • Streamer Dashboard
  • Powerful Overlay Editor (with Advanced Mode)
  • Cloud Based Overlays
  • Flexible streamer widgets for every single overlay
  • Text-To-Speech Support for Alerts
  • Gamewisp Support
  • Stream Overlay Presets

The feature is currently on it’s open beta stage and it seems that there are still some features that the other similar tools have. But it seems that Create has a good jumping point especially for streamers and content creators that are in If you’re interested on checking out the features, you can head to the site to register.