One-on-one Interview with OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

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OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is one of those runaway cartoon series that is quirky and oftentimes pretty fun to watch in Cartoon Network.  

The show is based on Ian Jones-Quartey‘s pilot Lakewood Plaza Turbo, which was released as part of Cartoon Network’s 2013 Summer Shorts project. The series is currently on it’s 2nd season where it’s latest episode was released a few days ago.

I was given the opportunity to get the recorded audio of the interview with the series creator, Ian Jones-Quartey.

Here’s the interview:

  1. What’s the inspiration behind OK K.O.!Let’s Be Heroes?
    OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes was inspired by a lot of things but when I was a kid I used to tag along to work with my mom, and then when later when I was a teenager, I had a job in the grocery store and I kind of put those two experiences together and added superheroes and robots.

  2. You have worked at some fantastic series like Adventure Time and Steven Universe, how different is your experience on working on those titles compared to helming OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes?
    Working on OK K.O.! is a lot diff. because it’s my show so, so I get to decide to everything that happens. But, the thing that’s not diff. is that I get to work with a really talented crew and basically, we form a really big time to work together to make everything.

  3. What’s you most favorite thing in developing OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes?
    IJQ: My most favorite thing in developing OK K.O.! has been when I come up with an idea and I get to work with somebody else and see their take with my idea it’s really just fun and see every single time and see somebody else reinterpret something I came up with.
  4. Which OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes Character you can relate most to and why?
    This answer isn’t something you really going to like, but really the main three, K.O., Red, and Enid and they’re all kind of diff. parts of my personality. And I was all of them when I was in diff. ages. So yeah, like,Enid and Red are definitely the way I was when I was a teen and I was trying to keep up a little bit of a front of coolness. And K.O. was a lot like me when I was a kid, I was very hyper active and you know, I had just interest in almost everything.

  5. In your opinion, what aspect of the show is the most resonant with its audience?
    In my opinion the best aspect of the show is that even though it is crazy super hero world with all this crazy stuff happening, you see it all through the eyes of a kid who’s just excited to be alive. And I think a lot of kids and people can really appreciate a character who’s just excited.

  6. What are the things that fans can expect from upcoming O.K. KO episodes?
    You can expect a lot more action, and a lot more of new heroes, new villains and threats. And you can expect to find out a lot more background and back stories of all the favorite characters.
  7. What’s it like to work with Cartoon Network for a show like O.K. KO?
    Working with Cartoon Network with a show has been awesome. They’re really supportive of the show and anytime I have a really crazy idea they stand behind me and work with me to make it a reality.

  8. How would you describe your animation and storytelling style and how has it changed through the years?
    My animation style is to try to go with the emotion and expression first before anything else. Making sure that you understand how a character’s thinking and feeling. And that’s something that’s definitely come along since I’ve been working with a lot of shows.

  9. What type of projects do you want to work on aside after O.K. KO Let’s Be Heroes?
    I think I just really want to work with things that really use animation and push it to its limit. And I want to make sure that we’re always doing something creative and interesting with animation instead of trying to make something that feels like a live action thing I really don’t want to work in live action. I want to work with something that feels like a cartoon.

  10. You’ve been named by Variety’s Hollywood’s New Creative Leaders in 2017, what would be your advice to aspiring artists who wants follow your footsteps?
    My advice is if you want to do something, you should just try to do it no matter what it is. If you want to make animation you should try and make your own animations. And if you want to make comic books, you should try and draw your own comic books and if you want to write a story, you should sit down and write that story. I think trying something and failing would get so much information and if you can try something and complete it you can show it to everybody you know and get their thoughts and figure out how to be better at what you’re doing, so you better start right now.

  11. Can you say a couple of words for your passionate viewers?
    Thank you so much to everyone in the Philippines that watched our show. I’m really happy that you liked it. Hopefully it reminds you of other shows that you like and that you can be a fan of OK KO! in the same way and I hope it reminds you of somebody that you know.

So there you have it. What do you guys think? Are you fans of the series? Who’s your favorite OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes character?