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After months of denying that they’d won’t be releasing a lite version of their hit console, the Nintendo Switch, it seems that the people in Nintendo has reneged on those earlier claims and has announced the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The “lighter” version of the Nintendo Switch.

Based from the above video and the infographic that the Nintendo Site has released about the two. Here’s a rundown of the basic differences:

  1. SRP: 199.99 usdĀ (compared to the Nintendo Switch299.99 usdĀ SRP)
  2. Handheld mode only
  3. Not all games are supported by the Nintendo Switch Lite
  4. No Joy-Con included
  5. Not compatible with the Nintendo Switch dock
  6. Dimension: 3.6″ high – 8.2″ long – .55″ deep
  7. 5.” touch screen
  8. Aprox. 3.6-7 hours battery time

Here’s a more visual comparison between the two:

So far, based from what we’ve seen, the Nintendo Switch Lite was made to be enjoyed as a single player experience compared to the Nintendo Switch which focuses primarily on a shared gaming experience.

Currently the Nintendo Switch Lite will come in available with three colors, yellow, gray, and turquoise.

On a personal note I am so tempted to get the yellow once (cause it’s yellow), but I would’ve wanted to have the lite in red or darker colors. But I guess Nintendo is leaving it up for special edition versions of upcoming games.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is set to be released this coming September 20, 2019 globally. In fact, Pokemon has jumped the to the new Switch Lite as they’re going to release special edition versions of the the system. Though right now we still don’t have an SRP in the Philippines or even when it arrives in our shores. I’ll be looking forward to it.

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