Must-sees at Asia Pop Comic-Con Manila 2018

Here at Asia Pop Comic-Con, people attend this event for many different reasons. Some come here to meet the celebrity guests; some come here to buy toys; and some come here for the art. Here is a list of the 10 booths I think you should visit when you come here to APCC Manila 2018:

  1. Long Live Play PH
  2. Gaming Library
  3. Cignal Play Action Arena
  4. The Walt Disney Company
  5. Stranger Things Arcade
  6. Pop’s Diner
  7. Sky Cable
  8. Walk of Fame
  9. Comic Odyssey
  10. Creative Circle

Long Live Play PH

LLPP is one of the stores I like to visit when I get the chance to. They sell foam swords and Overwatch merchandise, among many others. If those toys are not to your speed, they also sell smaller low-key items like wallets, gamepads, and other similar stuff.

Gaming Library

For the board game geeks out there (like me), the Gaming Library has you covered with the latest releases in board games. From popular games like Codenames to games like Sushi Go, Gaming Library has you covered.

Cignal Play Action Arena

Now for the video gamers, Cignal Play has set up consoles for the enjoyment of the people from the latest Tekken 7 to the classic Street Fighter.

The Walt Disney Company

Here they have some Marvel and Star Wars Merchandise, along with a photo booth where you can see if you survive or if you turn to dust upon Thanos‘ snap.

Stranger Things Arcade

Play some classic arcade games such as Ms. Pacman and Galaga. You can also hang up your own crayon artwork on the wall for everyone to see.

Pop’s Diner

Get the chance to meet Josie and the Pussycats perform and dance to their song every hour, as well as take some pictures in some Riverdale jackets which will be put up on the jumbotron for all to see.

Sky Alive by Sky Cable

Play some Battleshots (Battleship with a rootbeer twist), take a picture on the Animax set, or even unleash your inner J-Pop superstar in their “I Can Sing Japanese” stage. Complete all three and you get a chance to win some Sky Cable goodies.

Walk of Fame

Of course we can’t forget to visit some of our favorite comic artists such as Whilce Portacio, Lan Medina, Mike McKone, or Phil Noto. They aren’t the only artists here, as you can also find Brian Muir, who sculpted the famous Darth Vader helmet and armor, and some famous cosplayers as well such as Vera Chimera.

Comic Odyssey

Some of you may be wanting to get some comics signed, and Comic Odyssey has you covered. They sell comics, some labeled with the comic artist’s name to make it easy for those looking for their comics.

Creative Circle

APCC wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Creative Circle, where aspiring artists have put up their own booths to show their comics, stickers, and more.

These are but a few of the many booths to see and enjoy here at Asia Pop Comic-Con. What are some of the attractions you are looking forward to this APCC Manila 2018? Let us know in the comments below.