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Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Partnership with MSI Announced

MSI has announced that it is partnering with Capcom to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series.

The official unveiling of this partnership took place at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show, with the release of the limited-edition products scheduled for the Monster Hunter 20th-anniversary celebration in March 2024.

The collaboration will include gaming laptops, monitors, graphics cars, motherboards, cases, liquid coolers, and controllers that is based off the Rathalos, one of the most iconic monsters in the game series.

MSI invites every gamer to embark on a journey to conquer the captivating world of Monster Hunter, bringing gamers a unique gaming experience that combines the superior craftsmanship of MSI with the classic gaming elements of Capcom.

I’m personally excited for this collaboration since I’ve been a big fan of the game series since Monster Hunter Freedom Unite played on the PSP. So it’s going to be interesting to see what MSI will be bringing to the table next year.

MSI, renowned for its commitment to quality and performance, joins forces with Capcom, a gaming industry giant known for the Monster Hunter series. This collaboration leverages the expertise of both companies to create a collection of aesthetic and technology gaming products.

Said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

Announced during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Monster Hunter will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year of March. So for those still unfamiliar with the series. Here’s a short explainer.

So I’m pretty psyched with everything that’s going to happen next year. I’ll also probably get my PC upgrade as well.