MMDA Facebook Fanpage Kills it with Pokemon Go PSA

Whoever said that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority isn’t keeping itself updated with the current trends in video game and pop culture may be in for a treat. As the latest PSA from MMDA puts in a timely reminder for Manila players of Pokemon Go.

MMDA PSA Pokemon Go Image DAGeeks

The fun doesn’t just end there. Ever since the PSA, people have been commenting on the fanpage with funny and witty questions all pertaining to Pokemon or Pokemon Go. And the fanpage admin, who seems to know a lot about the game and even the TV series retorts in a likewise, and sometimes funnier, way.

Here are some examples:

Jam Ancheta MMDA Pokemon Go Witty Reply Image DAGeeks Pokemon Go PSA Image DAGeeks

In fact, it seems that the admin is not just Pokemon savy, but also updated in the recent movies that came out. One question (with an image included) asked about Valak, the demon that came out in Conjuring 2.

Valak Pokemon Go MMDA Image DAGeeks

The admin even helps out those heartbroken and have a bit of #hugotlines put into the comments section:

Hugot Lines MMDA Pokemon PSA Image DAGeeks

The questions get crazier and funnier as you read along them but I must truly say that the MMDA fanpage have done a really good job with this one. Whoever is handling the online channels for MMDA please pat this admin on the back and give him/her a raise.

You can read more of the comments on the MMDA fanpage on this link.