MediaTek Launches T750 5G Chipset

MediaTek announced the T750 5G chipset for fixed wireless access routers (FWA) and mobile hotspots. These next-generation 5G CPE wireless products aim to bring fast 5G connectivity into homes, businesses, and anyone on the go.

The T750 chip is built with the 7nm process and comes with an integrated 5G radio and has a quad-core Arm CPU. It’s feature-packed to enable device makers to build high-performance on-premise products for the consumers in the smallest form factor you can imagine. Ongoing sampling of the T750 is now happening with potential customers.

Pervasive high-speed broadband connectivity is becoming more important with the increase in connected devices and the surge of people working from home, taking online classes and using services like tele-health and video calling, we are extending our 5G leadership beyond the smartphone segment with the T750 chipset, opening up new markets for broadband operators and device makers, and helping consumers – no matter where they live – to experience all the advantages of 5G connectivity.

Said JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications business unit.

5G routers with support for sub-6GHz frequencies bring a more affordable alternative compared to fixed broadband or fiber connectivity. There are still places where DSL, cable of fiber services are hard to reach like in rural and far-flung areas of the country. Having access to super-fast connectivity will definitely be a game-changer especially with the pandemic that we are experiencing right now that connectivity is a must for working and learning at home.

IDC expects the global 5G and LTE router and gateway market to grow from just under a billion dollars in 2019 to around $3 billion in 2024. Counterpoint Research also projects 5G fixed wireless access to grow from 10.3 million subs in 2020 to over 450 million by 2030.

MediaTek‘s T750 chipset supports 5G sub-6GHz and 2-component carrier aggregation (2CC CA) for extended coverage, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Operators can take advantage of 5G capabilities, high bandwidth and low latency to offer 5G FWA services supporting fiber-like experience for consumers and businesses. As adoption of live video streaming and latency intensive applications such as gaming, AR/VR based online applications is increasing, 5G FWA services are expected gain momentum, MediaTek’s 5G chipsets for FWA routers will certainly fulfill the market demand as well as accelerate the competition in the FWA CPE ecosystem. In addition, the support of sub-6GHz band is a perfect solution for many of the operators planning to achieve wide service coverage in a short time frame.

Said Khin Sandi Lynn, industry analyst from ABI Research.

For consumers, the T750 offers a compact 5G device they can install themselves and avoid lining up and applying for a fixed-line. Just like buying any wireless router at any telco store, but this time, with 5G speeds. The T750 chipset comes pre-integrated with software drivers for MediaTek’s other connectivity solutions like 4×4 MIMO and 2X2 + 2X2 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 for maximum performance.

Additional T750 features include:

  • Support for standalone and non-standalone (SA/NSA) sub-6GHz 5G networks
  • Two component 5G FR1 carrier aggregation in both FDD and TDD modes
  • Support for up to 5CC LTE carrier aggregation
  • Embedded GPU and display driver to support a HD display up to 720p
  • Four PCIe interfaces for external Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Two 2.5Gbps SGMII interfaces to allow for a variety of LAN configurations
  • PCM interface for external land-line phones