Get Freebies from Your Selected Republic of Gamers Purchases on Their Study On and Game On Promo

Fancy getting some freebies with your purchase of gaming level laptops or desktops? Then it’s the best time for you to get into the Republic of Gamers wagon with their latest ASUS Study On Game On promo.

The Study On and Game On promo which happens for the whole month of June will have people who purchased selected ROG products take home gaming peripherals such as mouse pads, Xbox 360 controllers, and even a gaming keyboards.

For those who will take home a free ASUS GK11000 Sagaris Keyboard (worth 6,995 PHP) these are the laptops you need to get:

  • GX800VH(KBL)-GY004T (SRP 369,995 PHP)
  • G701VIK-BA047T (SRP 209,995 PHP)
  • G752VS(KBL)-BA313T (SRP 169,995 PHP)
  • GL702-GB059T (Titanium)/GL702VS-GB044T (Black) (SRP 149,995 PHP)
  • GL502VS-GZ127T (SRP 139,995 PHP)
  • GL502VS-FY333T (SRP 134,995 PHP)
  • GL702VM-GB162R (Titanium) (SRP 119,995 PHP)
  • GL502VM-FY197T (Titanium)/GL502VM-FY219T (Black) (SRP 104,995 PHP)

For those who will take ROG GM50 Plus Extended Gaming Mouse Pad (worth 2995 PHP)

  • GL753VE-GC039T (SRP (79,995 PHP)
  • GL553VE-FY003T (SRP 74,995 PHP)
  • GL553VD-FY019T (SRP 69,995 PHP)
  • GL553VD-DM596T (SRP 62,995 PHP)
  • GL552VX (KBL)-DM390T (SRP 54,995 PHP)
  • GT51CH-PHT002T (SRP 249,995 PHP)
  • GT51CH-PH004T (SRP 199,995 PHP)
  • G20CB-PH023T (SRP 124,995 PHP)

You can claim the premium items either by direct deliver or claiming it from the ROG Concept Store. For those who are option for the direct deliver option you can head to this link and provide the details as requested

  • Model name of purchased item
  • Serial number of purchased item
  • Full name of customer as written on the receipt
  • E-mail address of customer who purchased item
  • Contact number of customer who purchased item
  • Complete shipping address of customer who purchased the item

For more info, you can head to the ASUS fanpage.