Final Space

Chookity POK! Chookity chookity wooooOOOOOooooo chookity chookity. Chookity chookity pok mmmmmm. Chookity chookity CHOOKITY POK!!! Chookity chookity… Chookity. Chookity chookity chookity.

Translation? Below:

Final Space is an American animated series previously web-based, then aired at TBS, and then finally saved by the almighty Netflix. It tells the story of space prisoner Gary (showrunner Olan Rogers) who was sentenced to five years after a failed attempt to impress Infinity Guard Quinn (Ride Along and Southside With You’s Tika Sumpter) that cost 92 Guard aircraft. During his time, he is accompanied with the ship’s AI HUE (SpongeBob SquarePantsTom Kenny) and Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Robot Companion KVN (Fred Armisen) who provides Gary nothing but deep space insanity. One day before the end of his sentence, he encounters an alien blob he nicknames Mooncake, not knowing the creature has a power so strong it can tear the fabric of space. Meanwhile, the Lord Commander (David Tennant of Doctor Who fame) begins active pursuit of Mooncake, as he believes it can open a gateway to the Final Space (here’s the eponym) where his illness cannot afflict him. Lord Commander then sends bounty hunter Avocato (Coty Galloway) to search for Mooncake, but his unlikely friendship with Gary and his pursuit of long-lost son Little Cato (Steven Yeun) will make his loyalties waver.


What I liked (and maybe disliked purely out of unnecessary pain it caused) is the series brings you along this unexpected emotional roller coaster going from zero to NO WHY DO YOU DO THIS. We’ll have to commend the writers for this, showrunner Rogers Included. Another point of interest in the series is there is an underlying countdown to something, and it provides a sense of foreboding while viewers have a look at all the events that lead to the series’ end. The series’ animation is also something I would like to point out, as it is clean and smooth, thanks to the work of ShadowMachine and Jam Filled studios. If you will wonder why the space backgrounds are very realistic and familiar, it is because they are actual NASA space imagery. Cool, right?

Overall, while it isn’t the most stellar of the animated series I’ve seen, it definitely tickles the fancy with the right blend of humor and nice visuals.

Next series to review will be something relating to a world-favorite topic, food. Stay tuned for that!

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