DAGeeks Sits Down with Snapsacks

One of those things that I really enjoy when it comes to enjoying a certain fandom is to see the merchandise that comes along with it. And it’s an exhilarating experience to see those items from the shows and movies that we love get the real world treatment.

Enter, Snapsacks, one of the local brands we have that specialize in creating fandom related bags. From Star Wars to various comic, Pixar, anime and cartoon themed bags, Snapsacks has them. I’ve actually personally drooled over the orange Rebel Alliance bag myself.

Seriously drooling over this
Seriously drooling over this

One of the things that I was surprised is that these bags were all manufactured locally. And I got the opportunity to talk to the owner, Tiffany Kang, on where Snapsacks started and some insider info regarding the response of the fandom with their bags.

Check the interview below:

DAGeeks: When did Snapsacks start? 

Snapsacks: We started in September 2012 it was after college. And then I thought na, I saw kasi online, hot topic na there were a lot of fandom related products that we don’t really have, or that we have to import them. So I thought, no one has really done the bags yet and I wanted to try it out. Our family business is bag manufacturing so it’s an advantage for me and I also have the support of my parents so I borrowed muna and there I was able to start with the first one. The reversible Adventure Time bags. Finn and Jake, and I thought that my people would be able to do it. Kasi isn’t something different, it’s a normal backpack. And we started from there and we added more designs and now here we are.

DAGeeks: How do you decide which bag designs would come out?

SnapsacksUsually we use what’s popular at the time. And also if a lot of customers ask for it. We also do feasibility and we also conduct surveys.


DAGeeks: Who does the designs?

SnapsacksI do it, and now I also have a couple of people help with the designs as well.



DAGeeks: You mentioned that you manufacture the bags yourself. Do you think that the bag qualities that we produce here can compete on a global level?

SnapsacksYeah! Actually, when I went to France, I left my card with one of the stores there that sell fandom related stuff, like Funko Pops. He saw my site and he was interested so I shipped my stuff to their store rin once in a while. Because our company doesn’t just take in any order. It has to be by bulk and it has to be with quality. I saw rin mga official merchandise, and I saw their quality. I know their official merchandise but their quality is just made in China and it’s not really good. That’s why I wanted Snapsacks to be really different, I want Snapsacks to focus on quality.


DAGeeks: Where do you import your materials? So why do you see the need to import? Meron ba kulang with our local materials that’s why you have to import?

Snapsacks: It’s US and korean textile. For me I’d like to use that. Our company, the bag manufacturing has been in business for more than 12 years na. Yeah so, from that experience that’s why I’m using what I learned for Snapsacks na. And since the company is importing materials, naki-import narin ako. The best textile talaga comes from those places. But I’m not saying that the local materials are bad, I’m just focusing muna on what I know and eventually I’ll explore it. Because the Philippine market is hard to really research on especially since our local textile is not “connected” online.

DAGeeks: How is the response of the people with Snapsacks? From an outsiders perspective looking in, Snapsacks seems to be looking in. But from the owners perspective how well is Snapsacks doing now?

Snapsacks: The response has been good. Because when I started out I only started online. We didn’t have a facebook page. The facebook page came in 2013 pa. So I was told about bazaars and conventions so I tried that. The response naman was okay, and I saw the market. And may niche talaga siya. So hanggang ngayon people are asking for more stuff. So I don’t think we’re stopping anytime.

DAGeeks: How is the response to Snapsacks naman on a Global scale? Aside from the aforementioned French store?

Snapsacks: We get orders from Canada, US and Australia. There are some from Latin America, but the shipping talaga is too expensive.

DAGeeks: Since the bags you’re releasing are tied with big IPs. Have there been issues of these companies chasing after you?

SnapsacksSo far no. I think they think of me as too small time, since we’re not that well known yet. I don’t really distribute in malls. So I don’t clash with them. Mostly I sell at bazaars so there’s no clash that’s happening. So far, at least thankfully. I’ve actually talked to the IP of Dreamworks and they saw my toothless bag. And they liked it.

DAGeeks: What’s your best seller bag?

Snapsacks: It has to be toothless and the Red Baymax and the Armored Baymax version.


DAGeeks: What is the most surprising bag that people have been asking you to make?

SnapsacksThat would be the Doraemon bag. I didn’t know people are looking for that. Almost everyday comment that they want Doraemon. I didn’t know people are still looking for that. A lot of people have been asking about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. But I’m wary of that.

DAGeeks: Do you have any other major plans in the near future?

SnapsacksSo far, it’s confidential. But what I can say is that it’s something that’s got to do with Disney and a very popular sticker in Facebook.


DAGeeks: Will we see if Snapsacks would do merchandise aside from bags?

Snapsacks: So far, in the near future, it’s just the bags. And a collaboration, here or there like what we did with Authority Hoodie! So we won’t really produce anything outside it just yet.

So there you have it! If you’d like to know more you can head to their fanpage here.