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ASUS Philippines has showcased their latest gaming monitors in an exclusive media gathering in their Philippine office.

Starting off with the fast ASUS lineup are the VG258QR and VG278QR equipped with a 165Hz refresh rate and industry-leading 0.5ms response time. Another monitor on display is the VG279Q with an IPS display and a fast refresh rate of 144Hz; a feature unique seen to this gaming monitor.

These monitors eliminate screen tearing with Radeon’s FreeSync, minimize blurring in fast-paced games with Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB), and gives advantage in MOBA games with ASUS’ MOBA mode which highlights health bars’ color on certain MOBA games.

The large monitor segment is the ROG Strix XG32VQR. Building from its older iteration, it now incorporates DisplayHDR 400, 144Hz refresh rate, 125% sRGB, and AMD’s new iteration of its adaptive sync technology, FreeSync 2 HDR. These two features go hand-in-hand to deliver rich in-game colors, wide black and white tones, and screen tear-free games.

ASUS also showcased their first Dual Full HD (DFHD) LCD monitor, the ROG Strix XG49VQ. See more and do more with a resolution of 3840×1080, enough for 3 simultaneous devices to be plugged and displayed into the monitor. It’s also a content creator’s dream display, featuring a panel rated to have a 90% DCI-P3, 125% sRGB, and DisplayHDR 400, pumping out excellent colors and richer contrast. FreeSync 2 HDR also eliminates tears on fast-paced games.

The ASUS VG258QR, VG278QR, and the VG279Q are already available from partner retailers and are priced at 16,580 php, 17,770 php, and 22,510 php, respectively. The ROG Strix XG32VQR is priced at 35,850 php while the ROG Strix XG49VQ’s is at 65,270 php, which will be available locally by April 2019.


Model Name Freesync Panel Size True Resolution/Refresh Rate Panel Type HDR Support Color Saturation Response Time
VG258QR Wide Screen 24.5″(62.23cm) 16:9 1920×1080 @ 165Hz TN X 100% sRGB 0.5ms
VG278QR Wide Screen 27.0″(68.6cm) 16:9 1920×1080 @ 165Hz TN X 100% sRGB 0.5ms
VG279Q Wide Screen 27.0″(68.6cm) 16:9 1920×1080 @ 144Hz IPS X 100% sRGB 1ms
XG32VQR ✓ (Freesync 2 HDR) Wide Screen 31.5″(80.1 cm) 16:9 2560×1440 @ 144Hz VA ✓ (HDR 400) 125% sRGB, 93% DCI-P3 4ms
XG49VQ ✓ (Freesync 2 HDR) Super ultra-wide 49″ (124.46cm) 32:9 3840×1080 @ 144Hz VA ✓ (HDR 400) 125% sRGB, 90% DCI-P3 4ms


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