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5 Geeky Gifts for Your Pamangkin This Christmas

With Christmas literally just a few weeks away. The rush to get that gift to be the best tito/tita that ever was is well underway. I would know, since I myself am a tito to a few tykes as well. So to help you out in your quest, here are a few geeky/nerd/weab gift suggestions that I think can put you in the top spot of your best tito/tita for your pamangkin.

Gift #1: Weapons to Defeat the Demons

We’re starting strong with this one. If you have a nephew/niece that’s into the latest anime then this one is just perfect for them. We have the swords or to be exact. the Nichirin Blade from the highly popular anime, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

5 Geeky Gifts for Your Pamangkin This Christmas: Nichirin Blade

Being sold by local store, Long Live Play PH, the store currently has the Nichirin Blade of not just the main three, but also some of the more popular Hashiras in the series.

What more can your demon slaying nephew/niece ask for right?

Moving next to our gift #2 suggestions are another set of weapons coming from a property that’s been sweeping the nation. This one is from the game Genshin Impact. Weapons such as Aquia Faviona, Primodrial Jade Wing-Spear, and Mistsplitter Reforged are being sold also by Long Live Play PH.

5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas: Primordial Jade
The Primordial Jade
5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas: Mistsplitter Reforged
The Mistsplitter Reforged
5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas: Aquila Faviona
The Aquila Faviona

And if your nephew/niece is a fan of the game, regardless of what they think of the emergency food, they’d be amiss to not want this gift.

Gift #3: Better than the prequels?

On our third Christmas gift suggestion for your pamangkin, this third suggestion is a bit more out there.

And when I say out there, we literally mean out there in space. That’s right, the third Christmas gift suggestion I have is from the Star Wars franchise. And when we talk about Star Wars, we talk about the laser swo– *cough* lightsabers.

Being sold by The Saber Sentry, you can check out their lightsaber offerings which includes a plethora of options that your pamangkin can use to play around without fear of destroying the item. The Saber Sentry’s duel-grade quality of weapons is great for those who want their gifts to be sturdier.

Since the fightsabers are pricier than most in this list, you better make sure that you really like your pamangkin that you’re giving this gift to. Or you just want to find an excuse to whack them for fun.

Gift #4:

It may seem that I’ve been suggesting mostly weapons for this list. I am not approving of toys that can hurt your nephew/niece. So for our fourth gift let’s go back to the more typical of gifts we can give out to our little ones.

5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas D.VA Nendroid

With Overwatch 2 getting it’s second wind, your pamangkins may be recent Overwatch 2 fans. So OtakuHobbiToys has your back with their collection of Overwatch 2 nendroids and figmas.

5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas Pharah Figma

Gift #5:

Next up, from our friends at Otakuhobbitoys, are figures from most of the famous shounen animes such as Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece and the like.

5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas Denji

You can check out their prize figures for these animes which you can see below.

5 Geeky Gifts for your Pamangkin This Christmas Luffy Prize Figure

So there you have it, here’s our list of five geeky gifts that you can give to your little tykes or pamangkins. But wait, we’re getting to the good part! I’ve been told that you can in fact get the chance to take home a few items from our friends from Long Live Play PH, The Saber Sentry, and OtakuHobbiToys!

All you need to do is share this post with the hashtag #DAGeeksChristmasGiveaway.

After a week we’ll announce the winners on our fanpage! Good luck!