Working Made Easy(ier) with a Touch Screen Laptop

Working Made Easy(ier) with a Touch Screen OLED Laptop

I got spoiled, by a Zenbook.

I’d like to start by sharing right off the bat that in the journey of creating this post. I got spoiled by the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED. As I was in the process of putting the laptop through it’s paces in a work scenario.

Full disclosure, I have a new(ish) day job that’s why I’m trying to pivot out of the usual hard news PR posting into a more feature-oriented posting style. But I digress with blog updates. I want to focus first on how the 14X OLED has spoiled me with my work.

Emails made easy

The first thing that I figured out in the process of working with the 14X OLED, or at least with a touchscreen laptop is that I’ve been able to process emails faster. Instead of relying solely on mouse clicking through my emails, I’ve been able to use both hands. One hand is on the screen scrolling down through my inbox, while my other hand is on the trackpad clicking.

The seconds lost when I read through the email and clicking on it versus having two hands on my emails has been a godsend. More so for someone like me who needs to have his emails organized.

Collaborating made easy

Working face to face at the office means collaborating with your teammates is now back. It’s one of those things I never really considered in the past two years of working at home.

Thanks to the touch screen collaborating and brainstorming is easier than ever. An added bonus to the collaborating experience is the 180o Ergolift hinge of the Zenbook 14X OLED that allows me to share the screen on a flat surface. Partner that with the touchscreen of the device has made collaborating easier.

Reading through documents made easy

Another great thing with a touch screen is that it helped me read through documents faster. Instead of relying with the mouse I could just simply scroll through the screen itself.

I got so used to it that even if I was using a different laptop I would accidentally try and tap on the screen thinking it was a touch screen. Plus the response time of the OLED display makes everything butter-smooth: animations, text scrolling, and other screen movements

There are a few things I can say that’s life changing in my life, and without laying it out too thick, but experiencing a touch screen laptop for work is one of these moments. At first, I thought it was just a gimmick especially when I see people work on their touch screen devices. Another nifty feature of the OLED screen most especially note worthy of reading documents is how the OLED eye care for the 14X OLED allows prolonged use of the screen without being too problematic for my eyes.

But I’m glad I was wrong, and I have the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED to thank for that.