Matilda the Musical: a Reminder on Kindness and Bravery

The multi-awarded musical from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Matilda the Musical, graced The Theatre at Solaire on March 6 and it was a treat for all ages. We had GMG Productions to thank, for bringing in the “big guns”. Haley Flaherty and Hayden Tee, respectively the original Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull, opened the show in the Philippines together with Sofia Poston as Matilda.

The three Matildas in their hero poses during Media Call

Inspired by a renowned children’s classic written by Roald Dahl, Matilda, the play followed the story of the titular little girl as she braved against her challenges with nothing but her mind and the powers she unearthed. Along the way, she learns what friendship, family, and love are – things she that were out of her reach while growing up. 

The musical was an incredible throwback to what it was like as a child, the wide-eyed innocence that would be challenged by the world later on. However, more than that, the musical was a delightful and hearty reminder that anything was possible for as long as there were kindness and bravery. Those, coupled with whimsical songs that supported the entirety of the story and beloved characters – ranging from the good guys to the bad guys – that were portrayed by a very talented cast, the production was almost exactly what fans of the classic envisioned how Matilda’s story would play out in real life. No one should have to ever miss out on this show. 

So, theatre and literature geeks, gather your friends and family and enjoy the masterpiece that is Matilda the Musical. The production will run until March 22, 2020, with jaw-dropping promo prizes for students and Fully Booked cardholders. Check out the details below:


  • Two-Price Special: March 17 and 22 (6PM) performances only
    • 4,000 php across all orchestra and premium gold seats
    • 2,000 php across all balcony seats
  • Tuesday Special
    • 3,800 php across all orchestra and premium gold seats
    • 1,800 php across all balcony seats
  • Student Matinee: March 18, 2PM
    • 2,200 php across all orchestra and balcony seats
  • Fully Booked card holders discount: 10% off from March 1 to 15, 2020. Discount applies to Price Zones VIP to C except on March 10, 17, 18, and 22 (6 pm) shows.

Head on over to this link to reserve your purchase your tickets.

For detailed background information on the show head here.

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