XSplit Provides Green Screen Like Tech. with XSplit VCam

Here at DAGeeks, we’ve been using SplitMediaLabsXSplit for our Twitch and Facebook fanpage streams. And one of the things that we’d like to have is a green screen (which we’re still saving on) and right now, it seems that XSplit is helping us with that with the VCam.

XSplit VCam acts as a utility that can be launched either by itself or via any webcam supported software as a virtual camera source, achieving professional grade results with just a webcam. Once launched XSplit VCam allows users to replicate a chroma key effect without the need for expensive studio grade lighting or green screens. With XSplit VCam, users can:

  • Quickly remove backgrounds,
  • Add in animated backgrounds & webpages to replace standard backgrounds.
  • Blur your background – Perfect for hiding a mess or creating a more professional video setting of your choice,
  • Add in high quality depth of field effects
  • Ability to add custom backgrounds, images & logos.
  • Add in a webpage as a background.

XSplit Vcam also features an easy-to-use interface and includes A.I. created through a crowd sourced campaign with XSplit‘s community of content creators.

XSplit VCam licence is included within the XSplit Premium Bundle pricing model, so the feature was unlocked on the 16th of November.

For more information, you can head to the official XSplit page or follow XSplit on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.