What High-Paying Roles Are Out There for Those That Work with Code

What High-Paying Roles Are Out There for Those That Work with Code?

If you studied code in college and university, you have probably been told that it is a highly sought-after skill and something that has the potential to bring in a large salary. This can be something that you find to be true, especially if your come out of college and go straight into an internship or a job. 

However, these jobs are often snapped up quickly and therefore can be almost invisible to those without the correct connections, whether it is through their parents or their tutors. This leads to many new graduates scratching their heads and wondering where all of the promised jobs have gone. 

The sad reality is that some people might often be looking in the wrong places. If this is you, here are some of the jobs that you should look into. 

#1 AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Architect 

To start with, an AWS (otherwise known as Amazon Web Services) cloud architect is a role that is in demand at many companies, and as somebody with experience in coding, this could be a very good fit for you. It can be quite flexible as well, as there are many different ways you can approach this career. 

You could either take the conventional route by working for a company, or if you aren’t so good at working within a structure that you don’t control, you might feel as though you thrive in working for yourself as a freelancer. This all adds up to this being one of the most in-demand, high-paying coding jobs and can help you make the most of your own skills and how you work best. 

#2 Software Application Developer 

Becoming a Software Application Developer can be very important to you and the business you work for. It is a particularly desirable role in many situations, but especially during application development. Taking on this role will make you a highly trusted and important part of a team, making you unique and irreplaceable to a business. 

This can mean that you are headhunted a lot by companies once you have got some results under your belt. Naturally, you might not feel like this is your kind of job, and you don’t enjoy the problem-solving aspects, or feel like you lack the creativity that you need to really pull this kind of job off. That is ok. There are loads of other coding jobs out there with your name on them. 

#3 Business Intelligence Analyst

Being a Business Intelligence Analyst is not a job for those that aren’t very good at maths or statistics. You need to have a good grasp of numbers equations and be able to read graphs, as well as write this data into a report and potentially present it to your team or even board members as well. This is a vital part of any modern business, so it can be a highly sought-after job and can be invaluable to a business, no matter the area that they work in.