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A new delivery mobile app is joining the market of delivery apps we’re using in the country with the arrival/announcement of the Jojo pasabay delivery app.

The Jojo app works where the app connects you with transporters who are already heading towards the drop-off location of your package. This is dubbed as pasabay delivery with the purpose of providing an efficient shipping alternative, while bringing back our sense of community, augmenting the income of the everyday Pinoy, and minimizing carbon footprint.

To send things through the app, just go through the app with the app’s advanced GPS tracking system. Jojo transporters can choose deliveries that match their way. Jojo even boasts that

Jojo transporters can meet you when and where you need them. As long as your legal package fits within the standard large backpack, you can send it to anywhere in Metro Manila through Jojo.

According to statistics they have provided, an average Filipino spends 1 hour and 6 minutes on the road each day, wasting 16 days of precious time per year.

If I earned for every kilometer spent in horrible traffic during my daily commute, that would have made it much more bearable, not to mention profitable. Jojo transforms everyday commuters into entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for additional income.

Jay Fajardo, Jojo’s Chief Strategy Officer, claimed.

You can also earn through the app by delivering items on your way.

When you look at the road every day with thousands of people on their cars, trains, and buses, you will realize we have an invisible and untapped logistics and supply chain resource interconnected by the people and all the places we go. This benefits commuters, senders and entrepreneurs, creating a more efficient and sustainable way to ship,

Fajardo added.

Shipping starts at 99 php for the first 3 kms. and 8 php for every km. after.

You can download the app for the Android market here. While you can download the app for the iOS here.

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