Ubisoft Releases For Honor Starter Pack

Ubisoft has released the starter edition for their faction based PvP/PvE game, For Honor which is only available for the windows PC on Steam and Uplay.

Priced at 14.99 usd or at 750 php. The Starter pack allows people to get into the For Honor game and test their skills with a select roster of heroes. The Starter Edition includes the ff:

  • Three fully unlocked Vanguard Heroes: The Warden, Raider, and Kensei will be fully unlocked (playable and customizable) at the start of the game.
  • Three Launch Heroes from Players’ Selected Faction: Three additional playable heroes will be granted to players based on the faction they choose when first launching the Starter Edition (Knight, Viking, Samurai); Players can progress and loot with these heroes, however customizations become available once the Heroes are “recruited” for 8000 Steel* each.
  • Twelve Remaining Heroes: Players will also be able to fully unlock the six heroes from launch for gameplay and customization for 8000 steel* each. The six heroes released in post launch seasons can be fully unlocked for gameplay and customization for 15000 Steel* each.

The Starter Edition is compatible with the season pass and existing add-on content. Those looking to gain the same access to playable heroes as the Standard Edition can do so with the All Heroes Bundle available for 50,000 Steel.

For more information about the For Honor Starter Edition, you can head here.