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Tips to Find Blockchain Developer Jobs

Blockchain is a hot topic in the job market right now, but it’s still challenging to know where to begin if you want to start your career in this field.

Blockchain is a decentralized database technology that uses cryptography to record transactions in a way that prevents alteration of data. It was originally created as an accounting ledger for Bitcoin, but has since been adopted by other industries and use cases.

There is currently an explosion of blockchain companies across all industries, from finance and supply chain to healthcare and gaming, creating diverse job opportunities for anyone interested in the space. According to Upwork’s report on the fastest-growing skills, blockchain developer is the top-growing job category on their platform, with more than 6,000 percent year-over-year growth over the past five years.

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Finding Blockchain developer jobs

The first is to go out and seek it: the second is to build your profile as a blockchain developer in your spare time. If you decide to go with the former, you can consider searching through job boards like or You may also want to use LinkedIn and make sure your profile is up-to-date, so that recruiters can find you

However, if you’re just starting out, going out and seeking a job may not be the right way forward for you. Instead, spend some of your free time developing a portfolio of blockchain projects that demonstrate your proficiency in coding skills and that can help you develop a reputation as an active member of the blockchain community.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Your interviewers should be there to help you understand the position and the work that they do. You should ask all the questions you need to get a sense of what this job would be like, and if you would enjoy it.

I know it may be hard, but try not to feel intimidated by your interviewers. Remember that they were in your shoes at some point, so don’t be afraid to ask them about their career path or their role in the company. This is a great way to build rapport and learn more about the people you would be working with.

Pay attention to non-technical details: non-technical details can tell you a lot about the company. If there are no windows in the room where you are interviewing, that might tell you something about their office space. If your interviewers are stressed and don’t have time for small talk, that might tell you something about how much pressure they are under on a daily basis.

Lack of knowledge will be the largest barrier worldwide in the blockchain technology; therefore, it is still an open opportunity for blockchain developer job and projects. If you’re a potential blockchain developers, take action now.

Most of the organizations, who are looking for developers in blockchain have a large experience of working on this technology. They also have a pretty good experience with using freelancers to fill their teams. This is why it’s advisable to do thorough research and work with one or multiple companies that have good experience with new technologies. This way you’ll increase your chances of receiving a great job offer from those organizations.