The Overwatch Summer Games are Here!

The Overwatch 2020 Summer Games are upon us. In addition to some new skins, it brings a revamped version of a fan-favorite game mode, Lucioball, called LucioBall Remix, which will be available from August 5 until August 26.


  • This is a faster, more chaotic, multi-ball version of Lucioball.
  • There are normally 2 balls in play throughout the match. If one gets scored, it respawns after a brief time.
  • Bonus balls are periodically spawned and are worth 3 points.
  • Players are not reset when a goal is scored. You keep playing.
  • Mercy rule: Games end early if one team has a 10-point lead.
  • Busan is getting new pillars and surfaces for more wall-riding opportunities.
  • Sydney is getting a ton of jump pad surfaces, and more wall-riding opportunities.


  • • You can now crouch while midair to lunge down to the ground.
    • Lucio’s cooldowns are much shorter.
    • Lucio’s boop and punch range are increased.
    • Lucio moves a little faster.
    • Jump pads launch players a little higher.
    • Added gamepad rumble to goal-scoring moments.
    • Mercy rule: Games end early if one team has a 5-point lead.

Weekly Challenges

  • These can be completed in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or the Arcade for limited-time sprays, player icons, and an epic skin on top of standard earnings normally received for playing Overwatch.
    • Week 1:
      • Win 3 Games | Baseballmari Player Icon
      • Win 6 Games | Union Jack Spray
      • Win 9 Games | Union Jack Tracer Epic Skin

    • Week 2:
      • Win 3 Games | Golfmari Player Icon
      • Win 6 Games | Sand Castle Spray
      • Win 9 Games | Sand Castle Bastion Epic Skin
    • Week 3:
      • Win 3 Games | Surfimari Player Icon
      • Win 6 Games | Ice Cream Spray
      • Win 9 Games | Ice Cream Orisa Epic Skin

New Cosmetics

  • This year’s Summer Games includes 5 new Legendary Skins (Tropical Baptiste, Lifeguard Pharah, Feskarn Brigitte, Karate Doomfist, Surf’s Up Echo) and 3 new Epic Skins.

  • Aside from Weekly Challenge rewards, new cosmetics also include 2 highlight intros, 1 emote, 3 poses, 7 player icons, and two sprays.