Build up Your Own Superhero Team in Marvel’s Latest Card Game, MARVEL Duel

MARVEL Duel, Marvel’s latest mobile game is now available in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. MARVEL Duel is a Collectible Card Game, where players can duke it out was their favorite heroes, and villains Players logging in today can receive 10 General Expansion Packs and begin their thrilling adventure into the Marvel Universe.

Over 150 Marvel Super Heroes and Villains are available for selection in MARVEL Duel Want to try on Iron Man’s incredible mech suit for size? Or assume Captain Marvel’s tremendous abilities? Assemble(see what I did there?) your own team of Heroes and Villains to defeat your opponents with strategy and tactics.

Watch as your favorite Marvel Characters follow your commands and duke it out in 3D models —Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Hela, Elektra, and more! Not only is it just PvP, but there are also Marvel storylines as well and join in epic battles in a brand new PVE mode. Various Battlefield Companions like Cosmo, Throg, and Chewie will help guide you through intense battles. Unlock Card Backs and legendary Hero Skins to add to your Marvel collection!

MARVEL Duel is now available in Apple Store and Google Play. Sign up to get 10 General Expansion Packs with a few, simple, steps.

To learn more about MARVEL Duel, Visit the Official Website, Facebook Page, and Twitter.