Tame Your Very Own Dinosaur in Durango: Wild Lands

Tame dinosaurs, venture into the unexplored jungle and survive in Durango: Wild Lands, the highly-anticipated mobile open-world sandbox MMORPG from NEXON Korea Corporation.

Durango: Wild Lands transports players from their comfortable lives in modern society into a world where dinosaurs exist. Explore, compete and band together to build a society within the uncharted and dangerous lands. Durango: Wild Lands features an ever-evolving open-world experience that encourages players to explore, and create. Crafting, cooking, farming, sewing, gathering and taming are just some of the things players can do and master to build entire communities and survive. Beginning today, players who help celebrate Durango’s regional launch can participate in several special events, such as the Hot-Time Event, which gives additional KST skill and experience buffs for farming, cooking and more, and On-Time Event, which gives players anti-aging remedies for their animals, and decorative gears. All of which are available until the end of March.

Durango: Wild Lands will also be releasing globally within the first half of 2019, so stay tuned on their official Facebook page for more information about pre-registration.

Durango: Wild Lands is available now in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines for download from the App Store and Google Play and is rated for ages 12+.