Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Monster Hunter's 20th Anniversary with Themed Content and Events! Header Image

Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary with Themed Content and Events!

Gear up, hunters! Street Fighter 6 roars into April with a Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary collaboration, bringing exciting themed content and in-game events.

Monster Hunter Swag for Your Fighter

Earn the iconic Rathalos armor set (Helm, Mail, Coil, and Greaves) and the adorable Felyne Head for your avatar with the April Fighting Pass. Show off your Monster Hunter fandom with the Happy Hunting! camera frame, Gimmie it Well-Done! title, and Hunter’s Dance emote.

Level Up and Unlock Classic Fun

  • Fighting Pass Perks: The Fighting Pass lets you level up based on playtime, unlocking various rewards.
  • Premium Rewards: Upgrade to the Fighting Pass (Premium Rewards) for exclusive items like avatar equipment, emotes, music, stamps, wallpapers, and Fighter Coins starting at level 21.
  • Playable Classic: Redeem the classic game Magic Sword (overseas version) with the Premium Pass and relive it anytime in the Battle Hub!

Monster Hunter Weapon Flair for Your Gear

  • Hub Goods Shop Update: Deck out your fighter with 15 different weapon-type accessories inspired by the Monster Hunter series!
  • Customization Options: Purchase these accessories using Fighter Coin (FC) or Drive Ticket (DT) to personalize your look.

Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Monster Hunter's 20th Anniversary with Themed Content and Events! Fighting Pass

More Ways to Earn and Celebrate

  • Tutorial Rewards: Learn and earn! Complete tutorials in the Battle Hub during the event to score the Wyvern Jawblade avatar item.
  • Challenge Yourself: Earn Drive Tickets (DT) by tackling various challenges and use them to grab Monster Hunter-themed accessories.
  • Vote for Your Favorite Weapon: Cast your vote in the upcoming Battle Hub poll (starting April 8th) to choose your favorite Monster Hunter weapon type and receive 2,000 DT.
  • Birthday Bash: Celebrate Kimberly and JP’s birthdays with special events offering Drive Tickets, character play points, and exclusive tournaments!

Don’t miss out on this exciting Monster Hunter collaboration in Street Fighter 6! Check this link for event schedules, Fighting Pass details, and ongoing challenge rewards to maximize your experience for this 20th anniversary collaboration.