SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Release Date Announced

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia announced that the SD Gundam G Generation Genesis (English) will be releasing on 22nd November 2016 with English subtitles and Japanese voice-over. The English version of SD Gundam G Generation Genesis will be available across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


SD Gundam G Generation Genesis is the latest release from the SD Gundam G Generation series which started on the first Playstation in 1988. In this game players are given the freedom to  customize their teams with mobile suits and pilots from different Gundam titles to aid them in battle. Players will be able to select between 3 difficulty levels, take control of their Gundam mobile suit and input attack commands while enjoying the improved graphics in SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.



  • The latest title on the latest generation of PlayStation console will come with better graphic resolution, which allows developers to create the mobile suits with finer details and textures. In the previous titles, CG models’ motion pertaining to movable parts such as the head, arms, legs etc are scripted. The CG models in this title however provide animators the flexibility to move or adjust CG models’ parts directly to create more realistic movement. Thumbs up!
  • By utilizing different camera angles, gamers will be able to seamless mobile suit battle action within the game. The pop-up battle dialogues cut scene showing the character, cockpit and its interior mechanical parts are also designed to the finest details possible. The battle cut-in scene which zooms in on the character within the cockpit will show the character’s expression naturally, allowing one to fully immerse in famous scenes from the animation.
  • Harnessing the power of the PlayStation 4, fans will be able to appreciate a highly detailed Unicorn Gundam’s cockpit and even meteorites that are floating around the MS(Mobile Suit) or during NT-D activation. Showing the fine details of the cockpit and character facial expression is one of the key feature for the game.

SD-gundam-g-generation-genesis-GLightArmorPilot-image-dageeks SDgundam-Screenshot1-image-dageeks eng03

More information about the game will be released on Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia official Facebook page.