Safest Keyloggers You Can Protect Your Computer With

A keylogger is software that you can install on smartphones and personal computers. It keeps a record of all the keystrokes for security and monitoring purposes. A keylogger can be a great monitoring tool for concerned parents and employers who want to know how their devices are being used.

However, you should keep in mind that not all keyloggers provide the reliability, privacy, and features you need to ensure your requirements are fully met. Here is a list of seven safest keyloggers you can put your trust in.

mSpy – Best Keylogger (Writer’s Choice)

If you are searching for a keylogger that does it all, mSpy is the best monitoring solution you will find on the market. It does not only keep a record of all the keystrokes made on your system’s keyboard but provides you access to these records through a web-based control panel that you can log into from anywhere you want.

Moreover, mSpy keylogger allows you to monitor a wide range of search phrases, kik spy tools and exchanged texts enabling you to monitor the activity of your spouse, children, or employees for your own peace of mind. It works in the background without raising any doubt or suspicions.

Best Free Keylogger

This is another safe system-monitoring app, which works invisibly without raising any red flags. Best Free Keylogger is designed to deliver the monitoring and security features, including internet activity recording, keystroke recording, app monitoring, screengrabs, password logging, and visited websites record.

If you want to keep an eye on your computer’s activity, this is an effective solution. Although it says free, the free version is not as feature-rich, and you have to pay $39 to use advanced features of the utility.

Spyrix Keylogger

This could be a useful keylogging tool for people who want to monitor their children’s or employee’s activity on their computers. You can use Spyrix for capturing screenshots of programs running on your system, maintain a record of all keystrokes, use mic surveillance, and remotely monitor all the activity through your web account.

Keep in mind that advanced features like mic and webcam surveillance are only available with pro packages, which will set you back $80. Antivirus software present on your system cannot detect Spyrix keylogger, so you do not have to worry about any raised suspicions.

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Refog Personal Monitor

Being a user-friendly keylogger with a free version, Refog does all you need it to do without weighing down your system. There are no unnecessary features bundled in that you have to pay for. It allows you to record all the keystrokes, sent and received texts, passwords, and the visited URLs. The utility can also monitor voice calls and Skype conversations along with programs and games used on the system.

Like other monitoring solutions, Refog also has the option to capture a screen so you can have a record of system activity throughout the day.


This is more of a comprehensive system monitoring solution than just a keylogger. It enables you to meet all your surveillance and monitoring requirements by offering advanced features like recording websites, keystrokes, application activity, chats, passwords entered, clipboard information, and more. The keylogger filter makes the job easier for you to search for the right piece of information.

You can also use it to retrieve passwords saved in different browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The reports of the activity are delivered to you directly through email or FTP server.


If you need a simple, yet feature-rich keylogger that does it all, Adramax should be in your consideration. It makes a log file of keystrokes, including hidden characters and passwords, which is sent to you through email at specified times. You can also use the keylogger to capture URLs being visited and monitor chat activity.

Adramax also offers advanced features like mic and webcam recording to give you a complete monitoring solution at a reasonable price. If you want to see what is going on the screen, you can grab screenshots periodically, which are then stored in the log.

Iwantsoft Free Keylogger

When you want a keylogger that works discreetly while monitoring all the activity on your system, Iwantsoft should be on your consideration list. From keystroke and app usage logging to visited URLs and chat records, it delivers you the information you need in a safe manner. You have to use a password and a secret hotkey to make the software visible so any other user cannot access it.

The log files or reports can be accessed from any other device as they are automatically delivered to your FTP server, Dropbox, or email. It offers a detailed report viewer, which enables you to acquire all the relevant information you are looking for.