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Redbana US Corp. is kicking off their latest fantasy RPG by opening up the global pre-registration for their title, Hexmon War.

You can now head to the Hexmon War site on this link. You can pre-register up until may 19, 2017.  While the brief doesn’t show us the game’s feature here’s a rundown of the prizes for the pre-register event.

  • 1000 BanaCash – Use BanaCash to buy items and packages from the in-game Store!
  • 50000 Gold – Use Gold to train Hexmon companions, create and manage guilds or to prepare supplies before exploring dangerous Dungeons!
  • 4★ Sticker – Equip unique Stickers on Hexmons in a team to boost their bonus stats and make them even stronger!
  • 4★ Hexmon – True Hexmon Masters are able to raise their companions and unlock their true potential in battle! Pre-register now and gain an edge over the competition by starting with a FREE 4★ Hexmon at your side!

For more info, you can head to Hexmon War Fanpage and Twitter account

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