Ragnarok Landverse Announces Exciting Updates in celebration of its Half-Year Anniversary Header Image

Ragnarok Landverse Announces Exciting Updates in celebration of its Half-Year Anniversary

Ragnarok Landverse, the web3 MMORPG based on the beloved “Ragnarok Online” IP, commemorated its six-month milestone with a lively “We Party As One” event in San Juan, Philippines on March 23rd, 2024. Over 100 attendees, including influencers like Aningning and Leny Ming, reveled in the festivities and received a surprise glimpse into the game’s exciting future!

Stepping into the World of Ragnarok Landverse

The venue transported players into the vibrant world of Ragnarok Landverse with elaborate decorations, from whimsical banners to realistic signages. This immersive atmosphere set the stage for a series of exciting announcements.

Introducing Kafra Nova, Your New Companion

Maxion, the game’s developer, unveiled Kafra Nova, a brand new NPC (non-playable character) coming soon! This charming companion with sparkling eyes and vibrant purple hair will be stationed in major towns, offering essential services like inventory storage and teleportation. Kafra Nova’s bubbly personality and futuristic aesthetic promise to add a delightful touch to the Ragnarok Landverse experience.

A Glimpse into the Future: Expanded Classes, Episode 4.0, and Revamped PvP

The excitement didn’t stop there! Maxion hinted at the highly anticipated arrival of expanded character classes and the upcoming Episode 4.0: Terra Nova. This new episode will introduce a wealth of new gameplay options for players to explore. Additionally, Ragnarok Landverse is set to receive a major PvP system revamp, including the implementation of the WOE (War of Emperium) Enchantment system and brand new maps specifically designed for epic WOE battles. With this content roadmap brimming with possibilities, there’s no better time to join the thriving Ragnarok Landverse community!

Loot Boxes Get a Cuddly Makeover

The “Poring Hunt” activity at the event offered a playful twist on Ragnarok Landverse’s unique “loot box” feature. Attendees eagerly hunted for adorable hidden Porings scattered around the venue. These cuddly creatures, far cuter than your average loot box, held the potential to reward players with exciting in-game prizes!

Crafting Memories and Building Bonds

Beyond the exciting announcements, the event fostered a strong sense of community. Attendees enjoyed a captivating clay-making station, where they could bring their digital dreams to life. Personalized pins commemorating each player’s journey further solidified the shared passion within the community. A delicious themed menu fueled conversations and laughter, while the photo booth captured cherished moments that will forever be treasured.

The Adventure Continues

The Ragnarok Landverse half-year anniversary celebration was a resounding success! The development team extends their gratitude to all who attended and promises even bigger events and content updates in the future. Stay tuned, adventurers, and see you on the next exciting chapter of the Ragnarok Landverse journey!