Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Celebrating 1 Year with 2.0 Update

nWay is celebrating the 1 year anniversary for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and gets an 2.0 update that brings in new features for the game.

  • Draft Battles Mode – Players can easily host their own tournaments inspired by the official Mobile Master tournament rules, complete with “Ban” and “Pick” options commonly seen in eSports titles
  • Broadcast Mode – Custom “Spectator View” made for streamers that creates a more engaging viewer experience by showing both players’ combat UI
  • Score Attack Tournament – Limited-time tournaments where players are scored on wins, damage dealt and damage taken.
  • Dino Thunder Black Ranger: — One of Tommy Oliver’s popular iterations, the Dino Thunder Black Ranger will be the first warrior with the ability to build a special meter and mid-battle, morph into “Super Dino Mode” to boost his speed and power
  • Champions League – A fiercely competitive league tailor-made for elite players above 4800 medals, providing increasingly special and valuable rewards as players climb the ladder

Also the 2.0 update will bring in a series of live events:

  • Dino Thunder Black Free Trial Tournament — Test run the newest warrior in a free tournament
  • New Daily Missions — unlock great prizes by completing unique goals
  • History of Power Rangers Daily Tournament — Each day, play as characters from a different era of Power Rangers
  • Double Rewards Megazord Event — Earn twice the rewards in this special Megazord Mode
  • Anniversary Special Offers — Each day the game will have a suite of special offers
  • Daily Login Bonus – Special offers on the login calendar during the Anniversary celebration

The game is downloadable on the iOS and Android.