Pokemon Go Is Now Unplayable Outside Select Countries

The dream ended a few hours after the official launch of Pokemon Go to Australia and New Zealand. It would seem that Niantic has blocked the game from working outside of the countries where the game has become live.

In the game’s most recent update, the US is now also able to officially download the game (as reported by the verge

The problem started after the game went down a few hours yesterday. And after the game went live all the players were able to see is your avatar and an empty field. With all the Pokestops and gyms gone in the interface. (recent update shows that I can’t even go past the log in screen so that’s the final nail on the coffin.)

So right now, all we can do is wait for the game to be released in our shores. And while players have been skeptical that the game will ever reach Philippine shores, I for one don’t think that that would happen. Since the game has used tons of gameplay features that what you’d find in Ingress (Portals in Ingress are now Pokestops in Pokemon Go and the like). And the game has tons of players in the Philippines alone so it’s far fetched to think that Niantic wouldn’t bring Pokemon Go to us.

For now, we can just savor the experience and wait patiently or the game to come via official channels.