Playpark Adds @Gate As a New Security System for Special Force Online

Playpark is beefing up it’s security for Special Force Online with the introduction of the @Gate security system to help clear-out the third party programs that players use to cheat in matches.

The announcement also comes with a reminder for @Cafe members and cybercafes to clear out any of the installed third party softwares they may be having in their respective computers.

In light of this, Playpark would like this message to serve as a reminder and warning to all our @cafe members and cybercafes to remove any and all the installed TPPs so as not to have issues once this goes live. It will also be prudent that you – our partners – remind the gamers in your cafes to do the same and prevent them from using and installing TPPs. Once implemented, Playpark will not be liable for any problems that may arise if you fail to take to heart this reminder.

To know more about the @Gate system, you can check out Playpark’s post on it here. Or you can head to their fanpage to keep abreast on the situation.