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CUBINET has announced that MIA Online will be available this year in different regions across the globe to battle it out with their latest feature, the Cross-Server Platform.

The Cross-Server Platform will allow players from different countries to battle each other. MIA Online will be expanding to other countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia,  allowing for more people to converge in the game sharing the same goal; to become the strongest hero and nation in the Mystical World of MIA Online.

Players will be pleased to know that MIA Online is now available on both Android and iOS platforms, and can expect new servers to be opened to welcome new players from across the globe, and more content such as Cross-server Wars, PvE content, and more exciting features.

here are some of the newest features added in MIA Online’s game updates so far:
• Cloak System
• Artifact System
• Mercenary System
• New God’s Ring (Elf Chapter)
• New Mounts
• New Costume Sets
PvE Updates
• Lv80 Team Dungeon – Spider Cave
• Lv80 World Boss – Ghoul Boss
• New Solo Dungeon – Energy Altar

If you would like to learn more about MIA Online, you can check out their official website, or follow them on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Reddit. You can also join their Community Facebook Page and discuss tips, tricks, and strategies to help up your game.

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