Paladins OB56 Patch Rolls In a New Rank System, More Hero Skins and a New Weapon Chest

Hi-Rez Studios has released the latest patch for Paladins a few days ago bringing in a revamped ranked system along with new skins for and weapon chest for existing heroes in-game.

Patch OB56, titled, “Way of the Warrior” brings in samurai themed skins for Skye and Ash. As you can see below, the two skins, Ronin Ash and Kunoichi Skye uses designs seen in samurai/ninja stories and providing the heroes their asian counterpart look in-game.

You can get the skins from the Futile Strike collection that also includes the full champion skins, weapons and voice packs. Other customization themes are available when you buy the packs and fulfill their mini quests.

Another skin that comes out with OB56 is the Atomic Kinessa skin which seems to bank on the Atomic Blonde hype.

The patch also brought in the Necromancer Weapon Chest, which contains bone themed weapon skins for Seris, Lex, and Zhin.

Moving to the more important and bigger aspect of the update is the ranked competitive mode.

The release has announced a more detailed look into the new ranked system, here’s the lowdown on what Ranked 2.0 brings in.

What is the Ranked 2.0?

In Ranked 2.0, you’ll progress through five tiers, each with five divisions. From Bronze V to Diamond I, you’ll know exactly where you stand. Think you’re the best of the best? Prove it by qualifying for the elite Grandmasters tier… or prove you’re the best at your main on our Champion-specific Leaderboards.

Who can join Ranked 2.0

You should be able to hone your skills against high-quality competition, regardless of your experience. If you’re Account Level 15 with 12 owned Champions, you can now queue for Ranked 2.0. That’s right: no more Mastery requirements, just a refined system with good matches for all skill levels.

What do I do?

Win ranked games to earn Triumph Points. Once you hit 100 TP, you’ll advance a division – or multiple divisions, if you’re good enough. But be careful: losing games will cause you to lose TP. Once you lose a game while at 0 TP, you’ll drop a Division.

What do I get?

  • Play 15 Qualifying Matches: Champion Skin Chest Roll
  • Play 25 Games: Weapon Chest Roll
  • Win 100 Games: Epic Terrormorph’s Maw Drogoz Weapon Skin
  • Win 200 Games: Exclusive Title
  • Reach Gold V: Epic Terrormorph Drogoz Champion Skin Collection
  • End the Season in Grandmasters, or top 3 on a Champion Leaderboard: Crystal Rewards

For the complete details for Rank 2.0 you can check it here.

Here’s a preview of the Terrormorph Drogoz skin that you can win if you reach Gold V

For the complete patch notes, you can check this link.