Paladins OB55 Patch Brings in Jenos the Ascended, New Maps More Custom Skins and Champion Rotations

In the latest patch of Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Hi-Rez Studios introduces us to the new support character, Jenos, the Ascended. According to the brief sent out, Jenos brings in long lasting heals, powerful setups, and devastating finishers to turn the tide of battle. So far though I have not yet able to prove any of the claims, but at least you can check out his skill set bellow

Ability imageAbility Name Button LocationDescription
Star SplitterLeft Mouse Button)An otherworldly weapon that channels the power fo the stars. Deals 120 damage every 0.13s at medium range.
Astral MarkRight Mouse ButtonApply a celestial blessing through all obstacles, healing for 250 HP every second for 10 seconds
Void GripQChannel gravitational energy and lift an enemy up, dealing 150 damage every second for 2.5s. If the victim manages to move while lifted it will interrupt Void Grip.
Stellar WIndFLower your weapon and move 75% faster while increasing your jump height and lowering your fall speed.
Through Time and SpaceELock yourself in place and gather the power of the cosmos for 1.5s becoming CC immune, then unleash your energy in a long range vlast that pierces through (the heavens) *cough* obstacles and deals 2,400 damage

Hi-Rez also released the video for the hero that you can check out below.

As mentioned, the latest Paladins patch also brings in a new map, Splitstone Quarry

According to the brief:

Splitstone Quarry’s capture point is cut into the deepest section of the quarry and forces players to defend from above while contesting the objective. While there are quick side routes, flankers will have to watch out for dangerous environmental hazards. The payload must be pushed through a corridor that emphasizes long range firefights.

The new map seems to bring in a more intense experience with a lot of dangerous enviromental hazards you won’t normally experience in the other existing stages in-game. So right now I’ll have no comments yet on the stage as I’ll have to test out the stage first.

New skins also arrived with the OB55 patch for Mal’Damba (Defiler), Willow (Dark Ember), and Torvald (Clockwork).

If you’d like to know the skins in action with the video.

These are just the few of the more obvious changes that OB55 has released. To know the full patch list, you can check it here.