Onplay Releases Latest Mobile Game, Fantasy Squad

Onplay has released it’s latest mobile game, free-to-play squad based title, Fantasy Squad.

Game Overview:

FS image 3

Fantasy Squad will complete your fulfilling JOURNEY of an action-packed RPG. Train your Squad Heroes to complete each QUEST! Start a NEW ERA on your Fantasy Legacy in the far, far north. The [Wall of Wonders] stood tall as the sky isolating a world where [Guardians], beasts and diverse creatures exist in harmony. The Wall that was unmoved and safe through the test of time. Until such day when humanity received a grim reminder of the dangers of the unknown and that fateful time, the wall cracked open and unveiled the hidden Northern World. Challenge yourself! Tame the Guardians to be humanity’s LAST HOPE withstands Garashid’s curse and form a Squad that smash them instantly! Face your fateā€¦

FS image 4

The game features include:

  • Create a target of 500,000 team combinations
  • Real Time Battle FEVER!

Here’s the game trailer:

You can check out their official fanpage here.