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Olympus, a Revolutionary On-Chain Acceleration Platform Unvelied by DFINITY Foundation

The DFINITY Foundation, a leader in blockchain innovation, has launched Olympus – the world’s first decentralized, on-chain global acceleration platform. This groundbreaking platform empowers Web3 startups with a one-stop shop for launching their projects.

Olympus has everything You Need to Launch Your Web3 Dream

Olympus streamlines the fundraising process for Web3 entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive suite of tools:

  • Grants and Crowdfunding: Secure funding for your innovative ideas through on-chain grant programs and community-driven crowdfunding campaigns.
  • VC Investment Opportunities: Connect with top-tier venture capitalists like Fenbushi Capital and Softbank Vision Fund for potential investments.
  • Seamless Networking: Build valuable connections with industry experts and potential collaborators within the global Web3 ecosystem.

Transparency and Early Access for Investors

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Olympus fosters a transparent investment environment, allowing investors to discover and invest in promising Web3 projects at an early stage. This vetting process ensures investors have access to high-quality projects with strong potential.

Global Reach and Local Support

Olympus is a global platform with a focus on fostering local innovation. A $15 million grant from DFINITY and the ICP Asia Alliance will fuel the initial phase, with ISLA Camp (ICP Hub Philippines) leading the charge in Southeast Asia. This ensures Filipino-led Web3 projects have the resources and support they need to thrive on the global stage.

Nelson Lumbres, Co-founder of ISLA Camp (ICP Hub Philippines), emphasizes the significance of Olympus for Filipino entrepreneurs:

Olympus presents a fantastic opportunity for Filipino Web3 projects and entrepreneurs to gain global recognition. At ISLA Camp, we’re dedicated to identifying, nurturing, and propelling high-potential Filipino Web3 projects onto the international scene.

A Sustainable Future: Transitioning to a DAO

Olympus is committed to long-term sustainability. By the end of 2024, it will evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), governed by its community. This ensures its independence and empowers token holders to actively participate in the platform’s success.

Ready to Launch Your Web3 Project?

Head over here to submit your project and join the Olympus revolution. Together, let’s build the future of Web3!