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Nexon’s Deep Sea Themed Game, Dave the Diver Headed to Steam Early Access

Nexon‘s stand-alone brand, MINTROCKET, has announced a sea-themed title, Dave the Diver heads into Steam Early Access later this year.

Dave the Diver mixes deep sea exploration and a little of business gaming. You can break down the game into various game modes which include:

  • Deep-sea Exploration
    Deep-sea Exploration, Dave the Diver
  • Restaurant Management
    Restaurant Management, Dave the Diver
  •  Avoiding Lurking Danger
    Avoiding Lurking Danger, Dave the Diver

The game will be showcased during the Steam Next Fest this coming summer with the demo to get their hands on the game ahead of it’s early access launch.

You can head here to check the game’s official website.

You can also check out the game’s official trailer of the game here.