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Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa Finals and Play-In Teams Happening This Weekend

Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa is happening this weekend. The lion’s share of the $2,000,000 prize pool is up for grabs on May 14.

FFWS 2022 Sentosa Play-Ins Format

The Play-Ins this coming weekend will see 10 teams across 10 regions taking part in a fierce battle, with the only top 4 teams advancing to the finals. A total of 6 matches, across 3 maps, will be played during the Play-Ins on 14 May, 9 pm GMT+8. Points will be awarded based on round ranking and the number of kills.

Pick N Win FFWS 2022

Fans and players worldwide can be a part of the FFWS action by participating in the Pick’n Win event, where they can predict the results of this year’s World Series. In this event, players
will be able to predict the winning team for each match in the Finals, the top weapon used in matches, and the champion of the FFWS 2022 Sentosa! The Pick’n Win event will commence
after the Play-Ins. Players who made the right predictions will be rewarded with in-game prizes.

More that will unfold in this year’s FFWS

Immerse fully in the FFWS 2022 Sentosa experience with the integrated web event, Training Camp. The event will act as an all-in-one virtual destination for all FFWS 2022 Sentosa
updates and activities. Within, players will be able to participate in ongoing activities and mini-games, and tune in to the live-action of FFWS 2022 Sentosa!

Training Camp FFWS 2022

Immerse in the amazing live-action anywhere, anytime!

Fans and players can catch the live action of the FFWS 2022 Sentosa Play-ins and Finals on Free Fire’s official YouTube channels on 14 May and 21 May, respectively.

Stay tuned for the latest FFWS 2022 Sentosa updates on Free Fire’s official Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages.

You can download Free Fire on the Apple iOS App or Google Play store.